Unexpected Softupdates Inconsistency


Today we have a FreeBSD server with an incorrect shutdown/poweroff, when we wanted to put the server UP again, the FreeBSD server all time auto-reboots itself with an error message ‘unexpected softupdates inconsistency’.

To fix it this situation, the trick is to use fsck on all affected partitions using single user mode.

When the server boots, enter this line at prompt to enter using single mode:

> boot -s

(also, if you have a graphical menu, you can choose the 4 option)

Push enter to start a basic shell interaction using sh (bourne shell, not bash!, because /usr is not mounted)

Then, you need to checkout all partitions and fix it using fsck tool.

# fsck -y /dev/ad0s1f

or by name

# fsck -y /usr

When fixed, try to mount it using mount tool, if you don’t see any warning, you are happy, if not, repeat these steps more than one time if necessary.

# mount /usr (no warnings, cool!)

# mount /usr (and you see Operation not permited, hey I am root!, no problem, fsck it again)

If you want that FreeBSD do that for us, you only need to put the correct option in /etc/rc.conf


Not all time this option will work, but it helps in the next incorrect shutdow/poweroff.

See you.


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