Migrate a Firefox profile

Today, after the last crazy behaviour of my old Firefox profile, I finally decided to migrate it to a new, clean one. Yeah, because when you are experiencing things like: not installable add-ons/extensions, permitted pop-ups not working and pages not refreshing correctly it’s time to change profile.

So, what do you have to do to create a new, better working profile without loosing all your precious informations (bookmarks, history and passwords)?

$ firefox -ProfileManager #create a new profile, leave it as default and close FF
$ cd ~/.mozilla/firefox
$ cp xxxx.oldprofile/bookmarks.html yyyy.newprofile # bookmarks
$ cp xxxx.oldprofile/history.dat yyyy.newprofile # pages history
$ cp xxxx.oldprofile/signons2.txt yyyy.newprofile # autocompletation in forms
$ cp xxxx.oldprofile/key3.db yyyy.newprofile # passwords!!

next, start again Firefox and that’s it! All your history, bookmarks and passwords are there, ad you have now a 100% working Firefox, again.

Note:you can apply this tip to Windows, OSX and all the other platforms supported by Firefox, as well


3 thoughts on “Migrate a Firefox profile

  1. Mark, maybe from FC2 to FC7 you are migrating from a Firefox 1.0 to a 2.0 and maybe they are not directly compatible, I didn’t try. But I can assure you that if you are using the same Firefox version (in my case, simply copying the key3.db from one profile to another, it does the trick.

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