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Updating root servers list for djbdns (dnscache)

by on October 1, 2007


Since Dr. Bernstein (aka dj) has abandoned djbdns or it looks like, some root server was removed from main list and there is no reason to use it.

To update such list, we only need to launch a little djdbdns soft and put it in the correct place.

# cd /service/dnscache/root/servers/

# mv @ oldrootlist (optional )

# dnsip `dnsqr ns . | awk ‘/^answer: \./ { print $5 }’` > @

If necessary, you can reload dnscache as follows:

# svc -d /service/dnscache

# svc -u /service/dnscache

or with a simple HUP:

# svc -h /service/dnscache

See you & thanks for djbdns!

From → FreeBSD, Linux, Tips, Unix

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  1. Bravo! permalink

    Bravo bravo!! Molt bé!! Vaja cracks, vosaltres si que sabeu!

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