Windows Update Hotfix KB915800 (msn search bottom bar)


We use Microsoft server update services (aka wsus) to update our Windows Update repository to save bandwith, since it is installed via LAN.

Today our users tell us that ‘msn search’ appears at bottom of the bar, seeing the updates history this crap is installed by a Hotfix that reinstall msn search if you don’t have one before …

No one want to use this silly search engine but redmon guys insist.

More info here:

See you!

It seems that finally Microosft recognizes the error on one WSUS developer’s blog, and there is even a couple of methods to remove the mosta unwanted and hated update in WSUS history.


2 thoughts on “Windows Update Hotfix KB915800 (msn search bottom bar)

  1. Yeah, we got this via our WSUS yesterday. The best part is that it killed Outlook in our corporate environment. One site in our company was without reliable access to email for the entire business day.

    Thank you M$FT for your malware update. Way to get your customers to NOT install KB rollups on Day 0. That is great.

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