FreeBSD6 and nfsd gotchas

If you’re using FreeBSD6 as NFS server, you may find useful these quick tips related to /etc/export syntax, because otherwise you will be stuck with a generic

mountd[321]: bad exports list

in your logs.
So, what went wrong here?
One possible cause is that in your exports file you’re trying to export as shared NFS resource a symlink and not a real directory. NFS doesn’t like it at all and will simply no work.
One other, curious, glitch I found is that if you have two resource in two separate lines with the same options, the latter will fail.
Example of /etc/exports:

/path/share2 -network
/path/share3 -network

in this case share1 and share2 will work, while share3 won’t work and you’ll get a

mountd[321]: can't change attributes for /path/share3
mountd[321]: bad exports list line /path/share3

but if you change the network value in share3 (and only this), it will work!
Maybe there’s an explanation for this (I didn’t read all the exports(5) manpage) but anyway it’s a little bit strange.


One thought on “FreeBSD6 and nfsd gotchas

  1. Hi,

    I think it relates to how things work internally. Mount points shared among the same network/host list should happen on the same line:

    /path/share2 /path/share3 -network

    This has already annoyed me in the past and I admit the manpage should be more explicit with this regard. If you have some spare time, try to submit a patch for the manpage :-).

    I don’t know if it can be easily fixed. It would be interesting to ask on the mailing-lists.

    — Jeremie

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