Disable MOTD at login with .hushlogin

If you want to disable the nice Message of the Day (MotD) your sysadmin gently shows you every time you login in your remote shell, then all you have to do is just create a zero-lenght (I mean, empty) file in your $HOME called .hushlogin

> ~/.hushlogin

(you can use touch as well, or any other mean)
That’s all


9 thoughts on “Disable MOTD at login with .hushlogin

    • “>” isn’t a bashism, it is a standard posix redirection operation.
      I’m not sure if the lack of a command before the > is posix standard behaviour, but it works in every shell I’ve tried other than csh. Even with csh, you can avoid using anything other than the shell with the “:” null command, i.e.:
      : > ~/.hushlogin

      • I didn’t mena that “>” is a bashism itself, I meant that using > as a mean to truncat a file (i.e. “> /file/to/truncate”) is a bashism. AFAIK the most standard form would be “cat > /file/to/truncate”

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